JTS is a new and an ambitious Agricultural and Environmental project that was born in 2020 from a collaboration between a Spanish biotechnology company with an extensive experience in scientific agriculture and environmental protection.

The initial sparks of the idea started with Lorenzo Garcia, one of GET's GMs. Lorenzo was born and raised in a green village near Valencia, where farming was the main source of income. As he grew up, the lands in the village started to become more and more degraded due to climate changes and people started to move out or changing profession. He followed his passion which was farming, nature and environment and studied biology and got his PhD with an objective to help making his homeland green again and improve agriculture, he wished his son could have the green environment he enjoyed as a child. But he did not stop there, years later he joined some likeminded international business professionals to extend his dream to beyond Spain borders and GET was born.


JTS's main and foremost goals are to help creating a better future for next generations and increase profitability for those active in agriculture field. To do so, we help individuals, companies, and organizations active in agronomy and environment fields to find ideal solutions in line with sustainable agriculture to decrease their cost and increase their profitability. We guarantee the best result at an economical price.

JTS is firmly committed to R&D&I. We develop and commercialize agronomic technologies, produce and sell nursery plants, offer consultation, and provide practical training for technicians and personnel specialized in agriculture or any other relevant field.

Get it and never forget it! Our dream is to make a greener planet for the future generations.

Our Facilities


JTS has its own plant tissue culture laboratory for in vitro micropropagation. The laboratory is in the Scientific Park of the University of Valencia and follows a strict sanitary measure. Our in vitro micropropagation method guarantees the health and genetic heterogeneity of the multiplicated plants. Our R&D department is staffed by a team of highly qualified personnel who are engaged in the development of new varieties and rootsocks while the production team is focused on in vitro plant production and transfer of experiences to our company in Iran.


Our nurseries are in Rezvanshahr, Gilan province, where in later stages grafting, hardening, and acclimatization procedures are carried out.

We ensure the highest quality of the plants produced in our nurseries by using our "plant tissue culture laboratories". In vitro micropropagation protocol guarantees the genetic homogeneity and health of the micropropagated plants.